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Job Description:
FAE/Systems Engineering Senior Manager, is responsible for technical sales activities in new and existing opportunities. Individual will be responsible to lead, manage and grow a team of FAEs covering South Korea. Individual will work closely with Sales and Extended Teams to ensure overall technical design proposal meets customer requirements. Individual will have in-depth, hands-on experience with x86 (AMD and Intel) Server/Storage/Embedded and Switching Products and Solutions, Competitors Products and Services, with the ability to present and demonstrate those solutions to Customers and Partners.

FAEs are critical part of Pre and Post Sales cycle and must be capable of displaying in-depth technical knowledge of Supermicro and competitive products and solutions as well as technologies and market drivers.

Duties & Responsibilities:
· Manage, lead and grow FAE organization for South Korea region.
· Manage and leads product development by bridging customer requirements with HW and SW Product Teams.
· Manage and leads teams during investigation and resolution of problems in the field.
· Provides technical leadership in Pre-Sales and oversee implementation of such solutions.
· Works closely with the sales and extended teams to map end-user customer business, partner requirements and provide most optimized technical solutions.
· Highly technical problem solver who understands system architecture, hardware and software interaction.
· Possesses a good understanding of firmware, drivers, OS, Applications and their interaction that can cause system issues.
· Develop and review systems solutions, technical bid responses and presentations.
· Work cross-department to ensure customer satisfaction and timely resolution of issues
· Ability to build and demonstrate proof-of-concept that meets or exceeds customer business needs.
· Ability to present the corporate brand, product messaging and solutions to customers.
· Visit on-site facilities and operations to enable solution integration and issue resolution.
· Some travel required (up to 25%)

· Bachelors’ or Masters’ degree in engineering discipline; computer science, computer engineering and electrical engineering preferred.
· Excellent communication skills and business sense required
· Minimum 10 year management and technical experience with Compute/Storage Server or Data Center or IT Infrastructure experience desired
· Strong background and experience with x86-based server architecture.
· Familiarity with Firmware, Linux, Windows and virtualization platforms is a plus.
· Strong technical communication and leadership skills to lead investigations with engineers of multiple disciplines
· Individual must be able to work effectively in a high pressure environment

Python Anaconda 설치하기

아나콘다(Anaconda)는 설치 소프트웨어 가운데 하나다. 레드햇에서 만들었으며 칼데라 오픈리눅스 설치 소프트웨어 이름이 리자드(도마뱀)인 것에서 도마뱀을 먹는 비단뱀을 뜻하는 아나콘다라는 이름이 지어졌다. 콘솔판과 GUI판을 함께 제공하기 때문에 컴퓨터 환경에 대해 유연하는 이점이 있다. 파이썬과 C로 만들어졌으며 GUI판에는 PyGTK가, 텍스트판에는 python-newt가 쓰였다. 킥스타트 파일은 자동으로 설치 설정을 해주며 사용자가 최소한의 설치중 감독을 할 수 있다.
현재 GNU 일반 공중 사용 허가서(GNU GPL) 2판을 따르고 있다. 위키


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