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Hae-Yeon, Hwang (황해연)

Address56, Digital-ro Gwangmyeong-si, Gyeonggi-do, 14242
Tel+82 10 2936 xxxx
HeadlineProven technical director and architect.
  • Passionate IT engineer and technical executive director with 27+ year of experience and a proven track record in software and hardware development.
  • Exceptional communicator with a consultative business style, exceptional problem solving abilities.
  • Aggressively identify opportunities, develop focus, and catch-up a tactical business moments.
  • Rich experience for 4/5G Carrier-grade Core/VAS Network, Wireless, IoT, Block-Chain


Inha University,
Bechelor of Science in Computer Engineering.
Incheon, Korea
(Graduated Feb, 1997)

Employment History

Since Dec, 1996

EmployerRoleLocationDurationBusiness Territory
Self-emplyed(WNB) SeoulOct 2018 - Nowindustry
MNL SolutionExecutive Director, CTOSeoulAug 2010 - Sep 2018telco/gov/industry
uPRESTOExecutive Director, CTOSeoulJan 2006 - Jun 2012telco/gov
Eluon KOSDAQSenior Staff, Software EngineerSeoulJul 2000 - Dec 2005telco
LG Electronics KOSPISenior, Software EngineerSeoulDec 1996 - Jun 2000telco

**Self-employed (WNB) **
Seoul, Korea (Oct 2018 - Now)

  • Responsible for development the whole system alone and business.

    CustomerProject TitleYear
    AriatechAdvanced IoT platform (RADIX)2019-2020
    HancomFire-fighter monitoring system (IoT)2020
    HancomPaperless receipt system2020-2021
    HancomBook point interworking system2020-2021
    HancomSmart fire safety platform2022

MNL Solution / Executive Director, CTO
Seoul, Korea (Aug 2012 - Sep 2018)

  • Responsible for overall business development and technical leading for R&D Group as a CTO.
  • Responsible for creating new business opportunities with technologies and market harmonized. (like a 5G/NFV/SDN, augmented reality, Hadoop/Splunk/ELK, Cloud computing (AWS, Azure, Openstack/Cloudstack).
    • Business development for LTE/5G (KT private LTE, 5G E2E orchestrator)

    • Accomplished government project as a overall R&D PM

    GovernmentR&D Project TitleYear
    MSITPyeongchang Olympic 20182016-2018
    NIPA/KISAstrategy Report for Paperless e-Receipt2014,2017
    MSITSmart Home IoT/Cloud2012-2015
    MSSFederation for Heterogeneous Cloud Computing2012-2014
    KISAConverging Service for Future Internet2013
    NIAStandard for CCTV Infrastructure2016
  • Customer:

    ManufactureSEC (samsung electronics), LGE (LG electronics)
    CarrierKT (korea telecom), SKT (sk telecom), LGU+ (LG uplus), SK planet, SK broadband
    RetailsAP (amore pacific)
    System IntegrationHP, SDS, LG-CNS, LDCC (Lotte data communication company)
    AdvertisementCHEIL worldwide, Pengtai
    GovernmentKISA (Korea Internet Security Agency), MSS (Ministry of Science and ICT), KCC (Korea Communications Commission), NIA (National Information Society Agency), NIPA (National IT Industry Promotion Agency), MSIT (Ministry of Science and ICT), MSS (Ministry of SMEs and Startups)

picture: mobile application services (SEC chaton, LGU+ momca, MSIT eReceipt/paperless)
img img img

picture: mobile location based services (pyungchang olymphic 2018, SEC smart healthy, SKT LBS)
img img img

picture: mobile recommendation services (SKT qade, SEC always)
img img

picture: pyungchang olymphic 2018, ARways indoor navigation

document 1, 2

uPRESTO / Executive Director, CTO
Seoul, Korea / Jan 2006 - Jun 2012

  • Responsible for overall business development and technical leading for R&D Group as a CTO. and making business strategy and planning.

    • Business and system development for “performance assurance service” (2G WAP, 3G CDMA/EVDO, WCDMA, WiMax/WiBro)
    • Software development for packet analyzer (KT, LGU+ for mobile infrastructure traffic analysis; TCP/IP, HTTP, SS7/Sigtran, SMS/MMS, …)
    • Business development for charging/billing gateway (KT CDMA/WCDMA, LGU+ CDMA)
    • Software development for Augmented Reality services and latform (SKT smart-cart, KT Olleh town, LGU+ Vuu)
    • Oversea business for above solution (Canada Bell mobility, Telus, Rogers, Malaysia YTL, US Metro PCS)
    • Government project as a PM (dlna for home appliance, digital signage)

    • mobile AR(Augmented Reality) Service.
      img img img
  • Customer:

    CarrierSKT (sk telecom), KT (korea telecom), LGU+ (LG uplus), Canada Bell mobility, Telus, Rogers
    ManufactureSEC (Samsung electronics)
    GovernmentKISA (Korea Internet Security Agency), MSIT (Ministry of Science and ICT), KCC (Korea Communications Commission)

Eluon / Senior Staff, Software Engineer
Seoul, Korea / Jul 2000 - Dec 2005

  • Responsible for development core system for carrier-grade. (KT, SKT, LGU+).

    • IMT-2000 core system development (sgsn/ggsn/ha)
    • advanced dual-stack packet gateway development (pdsn & ggsn)
    • Signaling gateway development
    • Embedding ipv6 kernel feature at packet gateway development
    • Carrier grade oss/bss development
    • Adaptive memoty database interface module development (oracle timesten altibase/memcached)
    • Feasibility study and proposal for overseas telecom (virtualized switch and gateway; japan/kddi and docomo)
  • Customer:

    CarrierKT (korea telecom), LGU+ (LG uplus)

img img

LG Electronics / Senior, Software Engineer
Seoul, Korea / Dec 1996 - Jun 2000

  • Responsible for software development of dial-up internet(a.k.a. “KT 014XY”)
    • Part leader for o&am and high-performance connectivity module, forming a consortium with samsung electronics, daewoo. (langauge; c/c++ & informix/oracle)
  • Customer:

    CarrierKT (korea telecom)

img img


  • Licenses & Certifications
NameIssuingIssued dateCredential ID
Machine Learning SpecializationCourseraJun 2019CWVRTFUMUADS
Architecting with Google Kubernetes Engine SpecializationCourseraMay 2019YZND8ZS66NRH
Deep Learning SpecializationCourseraMay 201959B53EGHHL27
Introduction to Big DataCourseraMay 201997RJPXW95KW3
**Qwiklabs QuestQwiklabs**May 2019bedge

img img img img

  • Honors & Awards
AwardPrizeIssuingIssued date
Seoul hardware hackathonEncouragementSeoul Business AgencyJan 2022
Seoul hardware hackathon / Top MakerExcellenceSeoul Business AgencySep 2021
Big data hackathon for food, agricultureEncouragementMAFRANov 2020
8th Fintech hackathonExcellenceFSCOct 2020
Paper contest for fintech businessGrand PrizeMSITOct 2020
Tizen Specialist TizenSep 2020
Seoul hardware hackathon / Top MakerGrand PrizeSeoul Business AgencyAug 2020
Seoul hardware hackathon / IoTExcellenceSeoul Business AgencyMar 2019
DMC innovation camp, startup challengeEncouragementSeoul Business AgencyNov 2018
Smartmedia, startup challengeEncouragementKorea Creative Content AgencyNov 2018

picture: Winning a prize
img img

picture: Smart cushion / pressure ulcer mat - hardware hackthon item
img img img

Seoul IoT Hackathon 2019 Detail

  • Patents
Patent titleIssued#
Apparatus for tagging image file based in voice and method for searching image file based in cloud servicesFeb 2, 20161015929810000
Apparatus for recognizing document and sharing personal information based in cloud serviceMar 3, 20151015041560000
  • Training
Course titleIssuerDate
Blockchain Campus specialization course for deep diveCCEIAug 2019
Development course for Fintech project, CompletionKISISJul 2019
Service Development course for Fintech/Blockchain, CompletionKISISJun 2019
Blockchain Campus specialization courseCCEIMay 2019
Eagle CAD/3D circuit modelingSBAFeb 2019
Free RTOS driver with STM32 chipSBAFeb 2019
Development for LoRa chip/deviceSBAJan 2019
IoT with Google Assistant APISBAJan 2019
Understanding VR/AR/MR and Contents creationKIPFAJan 2019
Python/Tensorflow Learning for AIKIPFAJan 2019
Free RTOS specialization courseSBADec 2018
Youth Entrepreneurship School, CompletionKOSME,MSSDec 2018
KT AI sdk development course (Giga Gini)SBADec 2018
IoT development with Amazon alexa apiSBANov 2018
Entrepreneur, startup schoolSeoul Startup-HubOct 2018
Arm Mbed OS core and cloud development(pelion)Seoul IoT CenterOct 2018
LoRa and LoRaWANSBAOct 2018
MS Azure Cloud ComputingSBAOct 2018
  • Professional Skills
Core/Programming SkillsLevel 
Embedded OS4✱✱✱✱
IT Infrastructure5✱✱✱✱✱
Cloud computing3✱✱✱
Mbed OS4✱✱✱✱
Free RTOS3✱✱✱
Cloud SkillsLevel 
Amazon AWS3✱✱✱
MS Azure2✱✱
Google GCP4✱✱✱✱
Mbed Pelion4✱✱✱✱
Big data SkillsLevel 
ELK stack3✱✱✱

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